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Potion Video easily integrates with your entire toolkit. boost your teams performance, close more deals, generate more leads and engage with more customers using potion videos.

366 Degrees

Easily integrate video with dynamic content creation, multi-channel marketing campaigns, CRM pushback, social posts and landing pages.


Get the engaging website you’re longing for. Easily and quickly build video into your website, and then access the analytics to prove—and improve—results.


Communicate with video in this simple, powerful SaaS PRM software for building successful partner programs.


Engage and convert on Autoklose’s millions of B2B contacts by accessing video directly from their email automation platform.


Send dynamic and personalized video messages to your clients, directly from your Chime account. Simply select existing Potion videos within Chime email composer to send to your leads, or add drips.


Accelerate B2B sales and marketing cycles by combining video with Cognism's high-quality, GDPR-compliant data.

Connect Leader

Easily add impactful videos directly into your TruCadence® (from ConnectLeader) emails, templates, and snippets.


Sync contacts from your loops into Potion, along with specific dates, to make it as easy as possible to connect with past clients on a one-to-one level, when it’s both timely and relevant.


Share relevant and engaging videos with people visiting your website during a real-time conversation.


Effectively score and nurture leads by pushing video viewing history and attention span data directly into existing contact records.


Communicate effectively and convert visitors to customers faster with videos.


Provide immediate, seamless support to your customers by creating videos inside Zendesk.


Say goodbye to long emails. Explain complex workflows & solutions easily through videos.


Delight customers by resolving issues through videos and speed-up first call resolution.


Add video to FrontSpin’s sales communication solution which streamlines your sales cycle by bringing all your complex tools into one, easy-to-use platform.


Easily record and send video messages any time directly from Gmail using Potion.

Google Analytics

View rich video analytics directly within the Google Analytics platform.

Google classroom

Stay connected with your teams and share important updates via videos.


Work smarter by adding videos into Groove templates and sending them out in Flows.


Easily add personalized videos to your HubSpot emails, snippets, sequences, inbound marketing programs and track who's engaging in what content.


Add valuable video content to your customer interactions with just a couple of clicks, so your team can drastically increase response rates.


Have effective conversations with prospects through personalized videos and speed-up lead conversion time


Respond faster, engage better and convert more with videos.


Access your entire video library within your Kapost instance, upload video to content types, and track detailed viewer analytics.


Add helpful videos directly to your playbook cards to make your content more engaging.


This integration is specifically for customers who use our Pro plan. Share your video emails created with Potion as a post via your LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Get more out of your video meetings and webinars. With Potion Video integration for Zoom, unlock the potential of repurposing videos and generating more leads.


Create interactive videos to keep your followers engaged. With Potion Video, create and send videos directly to your Facebook profile. Identify which of your campaign recipients watched your video content and get full engagement data metrics.


Incorporate videos to your Marketo channels, and access valuable view data to help drive powerful interactions with your audiences.


Increase response rates by adding video to your sales outreach directly within Mixmax.


Make your outbound outstanding by advancing to video emails from voicemails. Record and send video emails inside your Outlook account and get tracking for every video & email you send.


Engage more prospects at scale by adding videos into your sales emails in Outreach.


Accommodate your fast moving buyers with orchestrated content experiences and post-click engagement metrics.


Grow your pipeline faster and close more deals with videos.


Effortlessly create and share videos to prospects right within your sales navigator inbox.


Build stronger connections with your audience by adding video to your emails in Reply.


Humanize prospect engagement with personalized videos. Book more meetings and close deals faster.

Salesforce Chatter

Upload and share videos with your contacts and groups directly within your Chatter feed.

Salesforce Community Cloud

Engage communities of customers, partners, and employees, all while giving you the insights you need to measure and strengthen its success.

Salesforce Exact Target

Give emails a video boost with video! Drag and drop visually compelling splash screen images into your email templates and track which leads engage with your videos.

Salesforce Pardot

Use video engagement metrics to improve your segmentation, nurturing and lead scoring strategy. Learn which videos are causing viewers to convert!

Salesforce Service Cloud

Close customer support tickets faster by enabling support reps to send the most relevant videos from the case log and track what customers are engaging with.


Boost response rates and humanize sales outreach by adding video to your sales emails in SalesLoft.

Theta Lake

Theta Lake provides regulatory and corporate policy risk detection, AI-based compliance workflow, and compliant retention for sales and marketing videos.


Communicate and collaborate effectively with videos inside Trello.


Record and compose video emails right from your inbox. Share your video emails created with Potion as a tweet via your Twitter account.


Integrate your video library into Uberflip to fuel personalized content experiences that accelerate the buyer journey.


Send video emails to increase your engagement levels and sync your UpViral contacts to Potion. You can even insert your UpViral referral links at the bottom of your Potion video emails, making video work for you even more.


Publish your videos to YouTube in a click. Then view your YouTube inside of Potion to monitor video performance across channels in a central dashboard.


Integrate Potion with hundreds of other apps to automate the tedious tasks in your workflow. Write simple rules to move data between them and to automate repetitive tasks, letting Zapier and Potion do the work for you.


Deliver amazing customer experiences and close tickets faster by enabling your support team to send relevant video content from within Zendesk.

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