Frequently Asked Questions

How can I close more deals using Potion videos?

Using Potion videos is a great sales technique that you can use in every step of your sales cycle. Adding a personalized video in cold emails can dramatically improve your response rates. In the later phases of the buying process, videos with your own personal touch help you speed up the sales process, close more deals, and keep your customers happy.

How do I embed video emails in Gmail?

Simply install the Potion Chrome extension and then click on the "Record" button in the new email box in Gmail. You can now immediately start recording yourself or your screen. Once you are done recording, Potion instantly embeds your video in your email body. It's that easy!

How does Potion video emails help in sales?

Your prospects receive lots and lots of plain ol' boring text based emails from every other sales person, every single day. Adding a recording of yourself in your email adds personality to your emails that you simply don't get with plain text emails. Once you start using video in your email, you will not only see higher engagement, you will also make your prospects happier because you're letting them know that you've put in the efforts just for them.

Do I need to create individual personalized videos for each prospect?

No. You can record your video once, then record the names (or greetings) for your prospects, and Potion's AI automatically creates personalized videos for each of the recipient.

Do I have to send my videos as an email attachment?

Well, we only believe in human attachments, not in email attachments. When you record your Potion videos, it automatically creates a 3-second Gif from your video as a preview. This Gif is automatically inserted in your email without any attachments. You don't even need to download and upload your videos. It just works.

What distinguishes you from everyone else?

Unlike other video products, Potion videos are dynamically generated and scale with your outreach. We also provide professional services to craft the perfect video emails for your sales and mareketing efforts. We identify which areas in your email sequences need some video love, create the video scripts for you, and integrate those videos in your CRM. We absolutely ensure that you see increased engagement in your outreach efforts.

What results will I actually get from this?

We continually work with your reps to achieve a 100% increase in meetings booked by your reps.

How much does it cost?

We charge $99 per month per seat, which comes with a 30 day risk free money back guarantee.

Are there any long term contracts?

Our minimum contract length is 12 months and you get 15 day trial period plus 30 day moneyback guarantee. So, in total 45 days of risk free experience where you can observe before and after states of how many demo calls your sales reps are bringing in.

What does it integrate with?

Potion integrates with 50+ sales and marketing tools. You can find the entire list on our Integrations page

How do I know Potion videos will work for me?

Our team works with your sales team to implement the best possible video outreach sequences for your product offerings to ensure that you see increased demo booking rate. If you don't see an increase in bookings, we give you your money back. No questions asked.

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